HeartbreakerDuring my last couple of years in Raleigh, a young band called Whiskeytown was cutting it’s teeth in the local bars. That band saw little commercial success but it’s primary creative forces, Ryan Adams and Caitlin Cary, have gone on to successful solo careers. Cary is no slouch, but as Alton Brown says, that’s another post.

Adams is a stone-cold killer songwriter. He’s also one of the most prolific artists working today, having released 3 CDs in 2005 alone. The first release, a 2 CD effort entitled “Cold Roses” is an alt-country powerhouse. There’s not a bad track on the thing. The second release, “Jacksonville City Nights”, is much more straightahead Nashville country. And it’s great too.

If you don’t feel up to buying Adams’ entire catalogue right now :-), may I recommend you start with his first CD, “Heartbreaker”. After the raucous opening track, “Heartbreaker” quiets down considerably. The remainder of the album is very singer-songwriter-esque. Sweet, romantic, beautiful.

Here a list of his albums in (I think) reverse chronological order.

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