Separate WaysThe problem with Teddy Thompson is that his songs can be so goram depressing I feel weird listening to them. “You like this stuff? What’s wrong with you?”, was Meilei’s question.

Thompson is the son of Richard and Linda Thompson, so he comes by his depression honestly. I’ve been a Richard Thompson fan for years. Maybe I’m prone to this kind of music. Oh, as an added bonus, Richard plays guitar on this CD. Great stuff.

But the melancholy, the sadness! One gets the feeling that all relationships end poorly for Teddy (I Wish It Was Over, Separate Ways), and even bright days find a way to drag him down. I Should Get Up makes the BNL’s Brian Wilson sound like Walking on Sunshine. Altered State is Tears of a Clown written by Smokey Robinson channeling Ben Sanderson. Yeah. It’s that bad.

But yet it’s good. And this cat can sing! His mother’s genes weighed in hella good in that department. That a voice like this in a face like that is singing original music rather than adding more filler to the James-Blunt-I’m-so-cute-and-sweet-and-I-love-you-so-deeply-I-want-to-cry-quietly-to-myself-in-a-subway-station genre is a sign that there’s more hope left than Teddy gives the world credit for.

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