The Kaiser Chiefs I Predict A Riot
I’m not the first person to notice that The Kaiser Chiefs have an urgency and rawness about them that evokes The Jam circa 1977. In fact I’m not even close: The Kaiser Chiefs were voted best Rock act in the UK in 2007. I was introduced to the Chiefs by “Little Steven’s Underground Garage”, a channel that appeared on my satellite radio after XM and Sirius merged. If you have satellite radio you have to give this channel a listen… the shows by Andrew Loog Oldham are great. Anyhoo… Kaiser Chiefs == Good.

The Raveonettes Love In A Trashcan
Another discovery thanks to Underground Garage, this duo hails from Denmark. The music is a throwback vocal and reverb-laden garage sound that goes great with any sonic meal. Their remake of My Boyfriend’s Back is superb too. I’m listening to “Pretty In Black”, but they have a newer album out in 2008 called “Lust Lust Lust.”

Hayes Carll Girl Downtown
Love this guy. Fantastic songwriter, extremely cool in every way. Girl Downtown is an easy, loping ode to simple love for simple people. Like me.

Kathleen Edwards I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory
Here’s the thing. Kathleen Edwards has put out 3 albums now, and they’re all good. Not just “ok good”, but “holy crap this girl really has her shit together good.”

Kimya Dawson Alphabutt
This is the kind of music we should all be buying for our kids. Have you done it? Do it now.

Teddy Thompson The Things I Do
A Piece Of What You Need is another terrific record by my favorite depressing offspring of Richard Thompson. Meilei can’t stand this stuff but I think he’s great. Whatever is troubling Teddy Thompson is bad… and it makes for great music.

John Doe The Golden State
Best love song I’ve heard this year. Sweet, timeless, powerful. Can you see my tears from where you’re sitting?

The Dollyrots My Best Friend’s Hot
Is Joan Jet-esque Pop Punk from LA so wrong? Is it? I don’t know much about this band, having only recently discovered them on (you guessed it) Underground Garage. Except this: they’re good, fun, and loud. What else does one need to know? Cheggem oot.

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