Late in 2009 I decided to keep track of my rides in 2010 to see what the year would look like. So starting in January I saved every GPS track from every ride. This is their story.

I rode 2586 miles on 162 rides in 2010. 69% or 1782 miles were on a mountain bike, either the Blur LT or the Moto 29er. The rest were road miles on the Cervelo (road rides started in May when I got the skinny tires).

2010 Miles by Type

The longest was the Death Ride at 122 miles. The shortest was when I left work to ride home and got a flat tire after 4.5 miles.

Five mountain bike races. One broken collarbone.

St. Joseph’s Hill was the king of 2010. I rode it 65 times or about 40% of all the rides I did. St. Joe’s ate up 734 miles and 76k feet of ascent. You’d think a fella would get sick of so much St. Joe’s, but not me (apparently!). Coming in second with 15 rides is the fan favorite, Kennedy Tree.

2010 Rides by Total Distance

Top 20 Mountain Bike Rides by Distance

Top 20 Mountain Bike Rides by Distance

Excluding some of the outliers and plotting by distance and ascent is kind of interesting. Looks like the MTB rides are generally steeper than the road rides. Who knew??

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  1. Dave says:

    That Google Graph API stuff is cool!

  2. […] 2011 was 3062 miles on 152 rides. I was sidelined by the gall bladder incident in March and a bad back in November and December or I could have hit 3500+. Comparatively, 2010 was 2586 miles on 162 rides. […]

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