Gillian Welch The Harrow & The Harvest
The first new music from Welch and her partner David Rawlings in eight long years. Luckily they stayed depressed the whole time. They’re so great.

Wet Lips
Will Crum Wet Lips
I don’t know much about this guy, but he’s selling music from his web site and it is raw garage greatness. “School Is For Donkeys”? Damn skippy! You should buy it. You must buy it. The world needs more Will Crums.

Beady Eye Different Gear Still Speeding
Dumb-ass brother starts a new band that’s about 50% as good as the last one he was in with his other dumb-ass brother. But it’s still pretty good.

Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears Scandalous
Greazy, funky, raucous, and loud. Sounds like dancing and the seventies. Won’t you take me to Booty City?

Teddy Thompson Bella
Count on the needy, lonely, twisted, and a little scary Teddy Thompson to stake out the weird outside ground in relationships. Glad he’s got that covered.

Clutch From Beale Street To Oblivion
Hard driving rock for hard driving action. Putting this in here because I’ve heard so little good hard rock lately. I suggest not putting this on your iPod during a bike ride, it could lead to unsafe speed!


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