Over the last few weeks I’ve been busy with my camera under the stars. The results are posted on West Coast Photons.

400 years since Galileo pointed his telescope skyward and realized that the earth is not at the center of everything.

I added 3 recent astro pictures over at West Coast Photons.

For the last few weeks I have been busy taking pictures of the sky. Here is a picture of M45 (aka The Pleiades). The Japanese call this constellation “Subaru”, and it is what you see on the back of every Subaru car.

The Golden State Star Party 2007 was really cool. 4 nights up at Lassen Volcanic National Park observing the stars. I didn’t go to bed before 4am one time. Boy am I tired! I posted some pictures of the event over at West Coast Photons.

Plettstone 16At some point Meilei may regret that she suggested I buy Katie a telescope for her fourth birthday. The latest, and to-date largest step down this path is a 16 inch Plettstone telescope. This telescope is a work of art, and an amazing visual performer as well. It is based on a design by Albert Highe, a Bay Area amateur astronomer and ground breaking telescope maker.

Carl Sagan’s Reflections on a Mote of Dust is required reading.

Last night the Moon and Venus were putting on a show. Image over at West Coast Photons.

I nabbed an image of Comet SWAN last night up at Fremont Peak.

The MoonWe finally had a clear night in California!! Waxing gibbous moon, 80% of the visible disk illuminated. Taken January 9th, 2006 from my front yard.