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St. Joe's Sunrise


Forest of Nisene Marks

I have been tossing this idea around for a while: to ride every trail in Sierra Azul OSP in a day. This morning I did it.

Five of us headed into the back side of Henry Coe State Park last Saturday, searching for the “secret” trail from Bear Mountain to Mississippi Lake. At least, that’s what Gary told us we were looking for. I’m starting to suspect it was all a clever plan hatched by Gary, to get us out doing Gary’s favorite activity: bushwhacking our bikes up and down extremely steep hillsides, dodging poison oak. I loved it. Pictures on flickr.


2011 was 3062 miles on 152 rides. I was sidelined by the gall bladder incident in March and a bad back in November and December or I could have hit 3500+. Comparatively, 2010 was 2586 miles on 162 rides.

This year, the mileage was split almost 50/50 between road and mountain.

2011 Miles by Type

The Death Ride was the longest at 124 miles and had the most altitude gained (14,711 ft). I guess that’s why it’s called the Death Ride.

St. Joseph’s Hill was the king of 2011, again, with 42 rides. But I made a conscious effort to give St. Joe’s a rest and spend more time on Kennedy. As a result I rode Kennedy to the Tree 30 times, double last year’s count.

I rode 4 centuries: Death Ride, Tierra Bella, the Megamonster Enduro, and a 117 mile Kings Mountain-Pescadero-Tunitas training run.

I didn’t do enough rides in the absolute best local spots. Only one ride in each of Demo Forest and El Corte de Madera and only two in each of Henry Coe and Saratoga Gap. 2012 has to address this issue.

By total distance, the St. Joe’s and KT top the list, followed by a bunch or road rides. Early 2011 was dominated by road miles, mostly out and around the reservoirs to the south of San Jose.

2011 Rides by Total Distance

Here’s to a great 2012!

As I’m sure you know, El Corte de Madera is Spanish for “A Can of Wupass”. Coincidentally, it is also the name of an open space preserve near Woodside, California, that has some of the sickest single track in the Bay Area. Seven of my closest friends and I hit ECdM this morning for a fantastic rip through primordial redwood heaven. My back managed to hold up through the entire ride, even though I crashed once. My neighbor Craig also took a few tumbles, but he’s reporting no lasting damage. All in all, a highly recommended mountain bike ride if you’re anywhere nearby.

If you are wondering what trails to ride, this site has some great recommendations.


Turkey Ride, 2011 on Kennedy Trail in Los Gatos. Good times.

Super hard. I was completely out of gas for the last couple of miles before the top of Carson pass. The ice cream sure tasted fine up at the top!

I finished quite a bit faster than last year, but most of the savings was by stopping less, not by riding faster. 124 miles, 14,711 ft gained, 12.8 mph average speed. Here’s the trippy part: my maximum speed was 54.7 mph! Not sure when that happened but I’m glad I did not know it at the time.

Death Ride 2011 bib