BruceI’ll admit it up front: I’m a romantic. I’m not talking about chocolates and candlelight, either. I’m talking about epic battles against impossible odds. About the little guy fighting against the man. About Lawrence of Arabia, Linux vs. Microsoft, Juniper vs. Cisco. About the dogs on Main Street howling because they believe in the promised land. So if the image of Mary standing on the porch watching the ghosts of her spurned lovers roar off down the highway leaves you cold… well, you can always catch up with Brittney Spears’ antics in the latest issue of People.

Back to MeIf I was still living in Canada, I’m sure I’d have heard of Kathleen Edwards long ago. She hails from Ottawa, and a couple years ago released Failer, lauded by many as one of the great debut albums in recent memory. I, of course, was blissfully ignorant, still wearing out my Kiss tapes and trying to convince Apple to make a Steve Earle only ipod.

But a few weeks back I heard a song called “In State” on KFOG. It’s the first single from her new album Back to Me. It’s a vicious little ditty in which a jilted lover revels in seeing her scoundrel boyfriend sent to the grey bar hotel for a 20 year stay.

Check it out.