Forest of Nisene Marks

Christmas Sea Glass

My fave place in Rio Del Mar.


Time to paint.


I have been tossing this idea around for a while: to ride every trail in Sierra Azul OSP in a day. This morning I did it.

The U11 Red Hawks went out with a bang, winning both games at the season ending jamboree in Danville.


Five of us headed into the back side of Henry Coe State Park last Saturday, searching for the “secret” trail from Bear Mountain to Mississippi Lake. At least, that’s what Gary told us we were looking for. I’m starting to suspect it was all a clever plan hatched by Gary, to get us out doing Gary’s favorite activity: bushwhacking our bikes up and down extremely steep hillsides, dodging poison oak. I loved it. Pictures on flickr.


The Red Hawks U9 girls team played two games in Los Altos on Sunday. As always, they were super exciting to watch. Pictures are here.



Thursday afternoon we explored one of the old railroad tunnels in the Santa Cruz mountains. A rail line ran from Alameda to Santa Cruz from the late 1800’s until 1940. The tunnels were dynamited in 1942, but the entrances remain, and they’re fun to explore.